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Polyurethane coating machine construction, on which all the
The author:Nine xu machinery source:https://www.jiuxu0531.com/ time:2019-11-05
  In response to the national policy of energy conservation and emissions reduction requirements, sichuan polyurethane coating machine suppliers in the field of construction using polyurethane materials become the consensus of users choose, polyurethane material itself also has the effect of saving energy and reducing consumption. In the present domestic mainly through two ways: paste on the wall after the board processing and spraying foam at the scene. In this two ways and with spraying foam zui now as the standard, but also has the characteristics of low cost, simple construction. Sichuan polyurethane coating machine in the application in the field of construction, exterior wall thermal insulation engineering in the implementation of spraying, the effect is obvious, because the scene spraying foam construction gradually over plank.
  Sichuan polyurethane coating machine in the field of building insulation is done properly, not only in the cold storage refrigeration insulation is doing rather well, also slowly led built in the cold storage needs.

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