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    Jinan nine xu machinery equipment co., LTD. Is a polyurethane and polyurea equipment research and development, production, sales, after-sales service as one of the technical service-oriented enterprises. At present, the company has grown into one of main polymerization machinery equipment manufacturing enterprises in China, product sales all over the country, and exported to foreign countries.
    Company focused on polyurethane foaming machine, polyurethane coating machine, polyurethane casting machine, polyurea spraying machine products such as research and development and production, on the basis of our company has developed many new multicomponent spraying and casting equipment, conquer the multicomponent materials mixing process and the application of high viscosity material problem, and have gained many national patents. Products used in light industry, chemical industry, electronics, transportation, highway maintenance, equipment, mining equipment, textile, medical, construction, building materials, automobile, environmental protection, national defense, aerospace, thermal, biological technology, warehousing, shipping, packing, waterproof anti-corrosion, handicrafts and other industries.
    Over the years the company brought together a group of outstanding research and development engineers, technical production personnel, their mastery of polymerization at home and abroad in the long-term practice of mechanical equipment industry of advanced technology. Create suitable for modern construction technology for production of polyurethane, polyurea equipment. The company's products are all independent brands, and has more than 30 national patents, to ensure the product's "high starting point, high quality". Company to market and user needs as the guidance, to create "domestic first-class, internationally renowned" aggregation of machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises!
    Company specializing in the production sales: polyurethane foam insulation machine; Polyurethane foam factory; Polyurethane foaming machine prices; Pu high pressure foaming machine equipment; Pu high pressure spraying machine equipment; Polyurethane foam spraying machine; Imported polyurethane foaming machine; Imports of polyurea spraying machine equipment; Polyurea manufacturers; Polyurea material; Spray polyurea; Small polyurethane foaming machine; And equipment spare parts and wearing parts, perennial production supply, can according to the different products and the demand of users, design, manufacturing equipment...
Focus on research and development manufacturing。
The independent brand, and owns more than 30 countries.
A group of experienced senior engineers, engineers.
Direct manufacturers, the most economical and practical.
In the same industry leading scale and sales
Set research and development production sales and service。
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