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Pu heat preservation material why market watches
The author:Nine xu machinery source:https://www.jiuxu0531.com time:2019-11-05
  At present, the global polyurethane production has more than 10 million tons per year, average annual growth rate of 4.4% capacity, consumption, the average annual growth of 3.4%. Polyurethane industry in China as Asia 最 large production base and consumer market, polyurethane products consumption growth rate of about 20%. Visible in the future application in the field of building energy efficiency, the application prospect of polyurethane rigid foam is quite broad. As thermal insulation currently on the market of 最 excellent thermal insulation material, polyurethane rigid foam is finding wider and wider application in building energy-saving insulation products. Studies have shown that in the global building materials used in the field of polyurethane products occupy 50% of market share, Europe and the United States and other developed countries about 49% of the building thermal insulation material for polyurethane material, the proportion is less than 10% in our country.
  Rigid polyurethane has excellent thermal performance, its coefficient of thermal conductivity coefficient of thermal conductivity is lower than the air, are the commonly used thermal insulation materials engineering can't match with them. So if made from rigid polyurethane insulation materials, wall insulation layer will become thinner, buildings will lighten the weight, the living area of the building will also increase.
  Why talk about pu heat preservation material market watches?
  1, polyurethane hard foam good fireproof heat resistance performance
  The rigid pu is a polymer, but it is thermosetting material, present in the combustion of inertia, won't produce melt dripping the combustibility of flame, but will form a protective layer of coking, this feature effectively restrain the molten lead to the danger of fire spread. At the same time, polyurethane rigid foam can combat flying sparks and radiant heat, it can also prevent oxygen into a plate, or wall insulation internal contact with foam core material, and therefore will not cause the direct combustion of core material, can ensure the integrity of the building. At the same time by adjusting the formula, polyurethane hard foam material can completely meet the requirements of building thermal insulation material of high fireproof performance.
  Polystyrene foam is a thermoplastic material, when the fire broke out, will first softening deformation, then with combustion melting contraction, and there will be a hot liquid dripping or flow. After burning to a certain extent, the insulation structure system will collapse.
  2, rigid polyurethane with the wall base material excellent self adhesive performance
  Polyurethane hard foam material with various materials such as brick, brick can strong bond, the bond strength is greater than its tensile strength, resistance to wind pressure well. As exterior wall thermal insulation system material, it is suitable for a variety of construction methods, construction, can make full use of its good performance of the adhesive, make polyurethane hard foam external insulation finishing system combined with metope of better, and thus saves material and human loss.
  3, polyurethane hard foam, excellent mechanical property and processing performance
  Polyurethane hard foam has good physical and mechanical properties, light weight, it has high compression strength, shear strength, it is closed pore rate was more than ninety percent of the hydrophobic material, has excellent moistureproof and waterproof, soundproof aseismatic function; Polyurethane hard foam has the processing diversity, can choose according to the different way of using the coating, on-site pouring, prefabricated plate to different forms such as design, processing and polyurethane hard foam also has good acoustic performance, electricity performance and chemical substances such as resistance to weak acid, weak alkali erosion, non-toxic, no irritation and no parasitic organisms.
  4, polyurethane hard foam is relatively low cost
  Buildings as a durable consumer goods, for the application of exterior wall thermal insulation system cost, should be from a complete, practical system to consider for a long time. Insulation heat preservation system of material price is just a part of the cost, consider how much of the construction process and construction level of difficulty, degree of construction material consumption, engineering factors such as durability, safety, living comfort. But according to the analysis of the above performance after application of polyurethane rigid foam insulation system of comprehensive cost price is very suitable.
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