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Polyurethane foaming machine do all insulation construction
The author:Nine xu machinery source:https://www.jiuxu0531.com/ time:2019-11-05
  Jinan nine xu pu foaming machine are all thermal insulation construction
  1. The quantity of pouring the adjusting range can be adjusted, between 0 to zui big adjustment accuracy is 1%; Polyurethane foaming machine has the temperature control system, when will automatically stop when it reaches the specified temperature heating and its control precision can reach 1%.
  2. The polyurethane foaming machine also has the solvent cleaning and purging system of water, air and so on; Polyurethane foaming machine used door to adjust the proportion of A and B material liquid, the precision can reach 1%
  3. The polyurethane foaming machine has the automatic feeding device, may at any time for charging, and charging device has two cylinder, A/B can carry 120 kilogram tube of the two materials are the material liquid. And VAT also set up the water jacket, the use of water to feed or refrigeration material liquid, the bucket with water pipe and material.
  4. The machine has time control system, control of time can be set between 0-99.9 seconds, the accuracy can reach 1%.
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