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Use what are the characteristics and performance of polyuret
The author:Nine xu machinery source:https://www.jiuxu0531.com/ time:2019-11-05
  Polyurethane foaming machine is a special foam polyurethane foam filling equipment. Below small make up to you to introduce the product features and performance of the it have?
  Product features:
  Measurement: 1, low speed and high precision metering pump, when the temperature of the material, pressure and viscosity fluctuation, in order to realize high quality zui rate constant of mixing ratio;
  2, advanced casting structure, reliable performance, convenient operation, simple maintenance, and can be used for the front and the rear left, right and three-dimensional moving up and down;
  3, the computer control automatic cleaning and pouring amount.
  Product performance:
  The machine adopts computer control operation. Using today's advanced computer control unit MCU embedded machine technology, with a precise time,
  Simple operation, easy maintenance, relay alarm prompt injection to complete, ready for the next injection.
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