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The latest casting gun JNJX - Ⅵ (DQ)
Technical parameters
The power supply: Drive way:
Raw material heating power: The raw material output:
Maximum pressure: AB output ratio:
The standard configuration
Feed pump: The host transporting pipe:
Heat insulation pipe: Accessories box:
The packing way: Equipment net weight:
The host: Packing size:
Equipment use
Suitable for spraying polyurethane foam, polyurethane foam casting, spray polyurea, etc.;
Product advantage
Products of gun adopts high quality alloy material, light weight, durable;
1, the gun body parts are all made of carved and finish turning process, avoid the traditional casting technology can't solve the problem of defects;
2, gun with the use of special surface treatment, strong acid, strong alkali liquid and washing gun would surface corrosion;
3, by fission design, 最 large extent avoid gun clogging problem;
4, mixing chamber and the friction pair of imported alloy materials, and processed by special processing, durable;
5, adopt international advanced one-way valve design, avoid the pressure deviation caused by raw material back when congestion occurs;
6, bilateral mesh filter function, reduce gun congestion;
7, mixing chamber and the gun nozzle separation design, replacement and maintenance more simple and convenient;
8, suitable for spraying and pouring, use a gun, and can realize circular spraying and fan-shaped spray easy replacement;
Product display
  • Pu white material
  • Polyurethane composite material
  • Polyurea_JNJX - Q5600 models
  • Polyurea_JNJX - Q5200 models
  • Polyurea_JNJX - H5800 models
  • Polyurea_JNJX - H5600 models
  • Spraying_JNJX - Q1600 models
  • Spraying_JNJX - III (D) model
  • Spraying_JNJX - Q2600 (D) model
  • Spraying_JNJX - Q5200 models
Construction case
  • Polyurea spraying sculpture sur
  • Chemical tanks polyurea corrosi
  • Spray polyurea floor
  • Power plant polyurea waterproof
  • The subway polyurea spraying
  • The stereo wear-resisting
  • Polyurea spraying of tank
  • Studio base construction
  • Anti-corrosion waterproof coati
  • Steel pipe coating
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