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Polyurea_JNJX - Q5200 models
Technical parameters
The power supply: Three phase four wire 380 v, 50 hz Drive way: Pneumatic drive
Raw material heating power: 18KW The raw material output: 3 ~ 8 kg/min
Maximum pressure: 22Mpa AB output ratio: 1:1
The standard configuration
Feed pump: 2 the root The host transporting pipe: 2 the root
Heat insulation pipe: 15 meters (up to 120 meters) Accessories box: A set of
The packing way: The wooden case Equipment net weight: 160kg
The host: 1 a Packing size: 890mm X 850mm X 1520mm
Equipment use
  Polyurea spraying equipment is suitable for all kinds of construction environment, there are many kinds of two-component coating material: polyurea elastomer, polyurethane foaming materials
  Equipment use application: the application of polyurea coating construction roof, tunnels, underground waterproofing, roadbed, bubble film and television props production, internal or external pipeline anticorrosion wall, auxiliary cofferdam works, storage tanks and chemical storage tank corrosion protection, pipe coating, in addition to salt water, pool and anti-water, chemical mining wear-resisting, fender and buoyancy materials, basement waterproofing, trunk wear-resisting lining, exterior wall thermal insulation, etc., especially for the inter-city rail transit, high iron bridge concrete surface waterproof has beyond the superior properties of almost all the existing materials. With its environmental protection, chemical corrosion resistance, high strength and high permeability, abrasion resistance, good thermal stability, flexible impact resistant, no seams, and coagulation soil adhesion, effectively simplifies the waterproof layer structure design, reduce the thickness. More because of its convenient construction technology and environmental protection, showing the traditional waterproof, protection technology incomparable superiority,
Product advantage
  1, take 160 cylinder pressure, suitable for high-rise building construction;
  2, has small volume, light weight, low failure rate, simple operation, convenient movement, etc.;
  3, 最 international advanced way of ventilation, 最 greater guarantee the equipment working stability;
  4, four heavy and raw material filtration unit can 最 limits spray to reduce congestion;
  5, multiple electric leakage protection system to protect the operator safety;
  6, equipped with emergency switch system, able to handle emergency 最 fast;
  7, reliable and powerful 380 v heating system can make the raw material up quickly to ideal state, satisfy the normal construction equipment in cold regions;
  8, digital counting system can timely and accurately understand the raw material consumption;
  9, the equipment operation panel set of human nature, can easily master the operation way;
  10, 最 new spray gun has advantages of small volume, light weight, low failure rate;
  11, lifting pump adopts big change ratio method, winter also can easily feed raw materials high viscosity;
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Construction case
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