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Q: I bought a long-term does not use the equipment, how to s
The author:Nine xu machinery source:https://www.jiuxu0531.com/ time:2019-11-05
  A: the machine once used can not beat materials inside empty, otherwise it will cause crystallization for transporting system, damage to equipment. When not in use for a long time, first of all, on both sides of the material removed from the gun, removed the gun clean place, arrange another time to use,
  There are two kinds of long-term storage methods:
  1, lifting pump in barrels, about every 15 days let machine in normal working condition (don't have to open the heating), open the valves on either side of the material quickly let the material liquid circulation to the respective raw material inside the barrel, three minutes, closed on both sides of the valve, pressure to keep pressure on both sides host 5 million mpa, and then the black material (A) A side closed with vaseline, 20 days to repeat.
  2, use anhydrous xylene first rinse clean in polyurea material transporting system (polyurethane can skip this step), put the lifting pump respectively in the two barrels of oil, let the machine in normal working condition (heating) can open, open the valves on either side of the material fast, let the material liquid, until spewed clean oil, closed on both sides of the valve, then the black material side closed with vaseline, within 7 days of repeat, repeat once every 10 days, oil does not change if the pipe can be stored for a long time.
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