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foam Q2600 (D - 15) model
Technical parameters
The power supply: Three phase four wire 380 v, 50 hz Drive way: Pneumatic drive
Raw material heating power: 11 kw The raw material output: 3 ~ 10 kg/min
Maximum pressure: 11Mpa AB output ratio: 1:1
The standard configuration
Feed pump: 2the The host transporting pipe: 2The root
Heat insulation pipe: 15Meters (90 meters) longest Accessories box: A set of
The packing way: The wooden case Equipment net weight: 116kg
The host: one Taiwan Packing size: 910mm X 890mm X 1330mm
Equipment use
  Casting: security door, aluminum door, wooden door, plank, solar water heaters, heat preservation water tank, the cabin, freezers, refrigerators, pipe joints, product packaging, road construction, wall insulation, etc.;
  Spraying: building exterior wall coating, interior wall coating, spraying, spraying, spraying cabin, car refrigerator roof coating, refrigerator car spraying, spraying of tank, insulation steel structure anticorrosion, equipment insulation, etc.;

Product advantage
  1, the equipment as a whole has small volume, light weight, low failure rate, simple operation, convenient movement, etc;
  2, secondary pressurization device, ensure the equipment discharge ratio is fixed, improve product yield;
  3, supply capacity is adjustable, and have the function of timing, quantitative, is suitable for batch casting, improve production efficiency;
  4, USES the international advanced way of ventilation, 最 big limit to ensure equipment work stability;
  5, the multiple raw material filtration unit to 最 limits spray to reduce congestion;
  6, multiple electric leakage protection system to protect the operator safety;
  7, equipped with emergency switch system, able to handle emergency 最 fast;
  8, reliable and powerful 380 v heating system can make the raw material up quickly to ideal state, satisfy the normal construction equipment.
  9, the equipment operation panel set of human nature, can easily master the operation way;
  10, lifting pump adopts big change ratio method, winter also can easily feed raw materials high viscosity;
  11, pouring and coating amphibious aircraft, multi-usage, wider range of application, economical and practical.

Product display
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  • Polyurethane composite material
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Construction case
  • Polyurea spraying sculpture sur
  • Chemical tanks polyurea corrosi
  • Spray polyurea floor
  • Power plant polyurea waterproof
  • The subway polyurea spraying
  • The stereo wear-resisting
  • Polyurea spraying of tank
  • Studio base construction
  • Anti-corrosion waterproof coati
  • Steel pipe coating
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